WebFTP: Web based FTP client

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What is WebFTP?

WebFTP is a basically featured FTP web based client. It supports passive mode, and it is able to connect to most FTP servers. It was created to work with php SAFE_MODE enabled, so I guess it will work on most shared web hosting servers with such restrictions.

WebFTP have some nice features like used space listing, multiple upload files, and a simple file editor. The source code is nicely modular, so adding new features should be easy.

What I need to install WebFTP?
You need a web host with php enabled. Just upload the webftp.php file to your server, create a /tmp folder and chmod it to 777.
Are you stealing PHPFTP Inebria code?
WebFTP is based on PHPFTP Inebria code, which is BSD-style.
Screenshot, please
Sure, here
author: delphinen at gmail.com (Leandro Martinez)